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General policy of our recruitment processes

At SYSTRATEC, we attach great importance to our recruitment processes. We want them to be the prelude to a satisfactory working relationship, allowing the development of the skills of all team members and the achievement of the objectives of the entire organization. For this reason, we give priority to ethics, transparency and maximum consideration to all the people who apply to be part of our team. These are the values that will govern our future professional relationship, and they start here.


Do I apply ?

We describe the jobs in a simple way, so you can get an immediate picture of the needs we intend to cover. You are the first filter to know if you are going to feel comfortable at work. In this way you also ensure your own success.



The selection process is absolutely confidential for all candidates, which is particularly important if you are active at the time of your application.



At SYSTRATEC we do not discriminate against any candidate on the basis of age, gender, nationality, personal convictions or any other considerations not related to professional skills.


Data protection

All the information you send us as part of a selection process will be managed exclusively for this purpose, and will be deleted once the process has been completed. Under no circumstances will it be communicated, in whole or in part, to third parties not strictly related to the selection process.