SYSTRATEC Reference Dead Weights

Find out how our dead weights can improve the quality of your metrological controls.

Full Functional Design

Our rational designed heavy load dead weights allow your team to be focused on customer metrological control and adjustment procedures. Full flat bottom surface gives versatility to use the Dead Weight with many different sizes of platform scale. They are also designed to be stacked with precision, providing at the same time smart places to put usual small weights during metrological controls on weighing instruments. Safety, maneuverability, versatility, precision and durability are ensured by Systratec design.

Strong as steel

Systratec manufactures their Reference Dead Weights in 2 000 kg or 5 000 kg nominal values from a solid strong steel block with no welded parts. Full sealed adjustment cavity is also machined at the perfect position. Four 30mm diameter solid steel bars are provided for safe crane handling during the job. Heavy duty epoxi coating is applied for Reference Dead Weight surface finishing in your corporate colour.

Metrological properties

Systratec Reference Dead Weights design is approved by LNE (Laboratoire national de métrologie et d’essais), following the requirements given by OIML R111-1:2004 international recommendation. We provide our Reference Dead Weights calibrated and class M1 certified, ready to be used for metrological verification and adjustment procedures on class III and class IIII weighing instruments.

Ordering Information

Systratec offers our Reference Dead Weights in two nominal values: 5.000 kg and 2.000 kg. Final colour is full customizable. We are also ready to create Reference Dead Weights with the weight and characteristics required by our customers, starting from the design and its required official approval and finishing with the final calibration certificate.

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