Dynamic Weighing Electronics

Low-speed dynamic weighing, internal control static weighing and measurement of the gravity center in the same equipment.

Our electronics SYSTRADA LSWIM|Reference provides the highest technology available for weight measurement and calculation of the gravity center in the most diverse applications.  Thanks to its three modes of operation (static weighing for internal control, gravity center calculation and low-speed dynamic weighing) and combined with the appropriate load receptor, they provide an advanced solution for any demanding requirement.

The range of instruments SYSTRADA LSWIM|Reference has been designed around our unique device Systratec CORE, and the signal acquisition stage from the load receptors has been entrusted to our Systratec LCGRID expansion module. The combination of these two innovative technologies makes it possible to build electronic instruments whose computing power, communications versatility and precision exceed any of other existing solutions on the market.

 Seeking maximum flexibility in the final installation, we manufacture our electronic SYSTRADA LSWIM|Reference in suitcase, desktop and rack format to fit perfectly to your processes and your workplace.


Systratec CORE inside

32-bit RISC processor with FPU and hardware DSP instructions, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, RS232 / 485/422 serial communications, capacitive or resistive touch screen … High-End technology applied to metrology.


Systratec LCGrid inside

Signal amplification by instrumentation grade OA with zero-drift technique, signal acquisition by simultaneous 24-bit sigma-delta converters and specific noise immunity circuitry.  The maximum requirement in load cell signal processing.


Total Quality

We leave nothing to chance.  From the connectors for the steel measuring lines, to the push button, everything has been designed with the utmost care to ensure years of service.


Adaptive firmware

Do you need to control your electronics remotely and wirelessly?  Do you want to install an additional specific communications protocol?  Do you want your measurement data to be sent and stored in the cloud for later front-end web processing?  Our engineers will thoroughly adapt the firmware to meet your specific requirements.


Three format factors

Available in desktop format and standard rack format for permanent installations.  Also available in suitcase format for portable installations.

Static weighing and gravity center calculation applications.

In static weighing, the object to be weighed must be placed on the loading platforms and remain stationary for a few seconds until the weight measurement is stable. If it is a multi-axle vehicle, each axle must be positioned on the weighing system, waiting for a few seconds before continuing with the next axle


Aeronautical Industry

We build our aeronautical weighing systems by matching our most advanced electronics with the required number of Systratec Reference Platforms, in order to fit the aircratf footprint. We customize weighing range and communications following customer’s requirements. In this way, with full control of both electronics and load receptors, we provide tailored Weight and Balance solutions to the most important aeronautical manufacturers.

Carriers and logistics operators

We provide total-weight and axle-weight verification systems for carriers and logistic operators, so that they can ensure compliance with current regulations on maximum loads for all incoming and outgoing vehicles.


We provide this electronics together with platforms according to customer requested measurement and range to check the weight per wheel, total weight and the gravity center in motorsports.


We provide systems for internal control weighing and gravity center measurement of machined parts or assemblies, tailored to the customer’s needed dimensions and ranges.

Automotive industry

We provide this electronics together with platforms according to customer requested measurement and range to determine the weight per wheel and the gravity center in the production chain

Related Product


The portable system for static and dynamic axle weighing of road vehicles.

Applications in dynamic weighing

In Low-Speed dynamic weighing, the vehicle circulates on the weighing system -without stopping- at a constant speed of 5 to 8 kilometers per hour. Using special algorithms, the weighing system provides the information concerning the dynamic mass per axle and the total dynamic mass.

Compared to our static weighing systems, in exchange for a slight decrease in the system’s accuracy, the customer obtains a great increase in the weighing process’ efficiency, which in most cases substantiates its installation in certain applications that do not require subjection to Legal Metrology.


Calculation of goods flows

Dynamic systems make possible to know the goods flow in certain processes by comparing entrance and exit dynamic mass measurements, for their statistical treatment.

Estimation of road indicators

In-motion weighing systems installed on highways toll areas allow reliable indicators of the total mass carried by the whole of the traffic along any of their sections, providing relevant information that helps establishing advanced road maintenance policies.

Transport Inspection Areas

Used as pre-sorting systems, they provide transport inspectors with information about the possible overload of controlled vehicles. In positive cases, the vehicles in question are directed to the static system subject to Legal Metrology for its official verification.

Carriers and logistics operators

We provide in-motion total-mass and axle-mass verification systems for carriers and logistics operators, so that they can accurately ensure that their business stays within the law, while also maximizing fleet efficiency and safety before placing their trucks in traffic.

Systratec REFERENCE axle weighing platform

Combine our electronics with our axle-by-axle weighing platforms. By choosing the appropriate electronics, the weighing system can be used either for static weighing applications or for dynamic weighing of trucks and other transport vehicles, crossing the scale without stopping at a speed up to 8 km / h. Static axle-by-axle weighing systems can be approved for Legal Metrology applications, providing certified weight value per axle in transport vehicles, and total weight as the sum of the axle weights. Dynamic weighing systems are intended for Industrial Metrology or internal control applications.

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