Systratec CORE

The heart and the brain of all our measurement instruments.

Brief description

Our exclusive Systratec CORE mainboard is the perfect expression of a High-End general purpose measurement electronics. Full engineered by our team, Systratec CORE is inside our best instruments, providing them with an incredible computing performance, together with the connectivity level required by actual cloud based devices. It’s power stage is designed to be easily connected to a wide range of power sources, including LiPO batteries, solar pannels, PoE devices and many others. Standard sensors may be connected to Systratec CORE directly or by using the required Systratec GRID card. Systratec GRID cards are Systratec CORE expansion modules carefully designed to deal with the most accurate sensors available in the market. Systratec CORE mainboard, equipped  with the appropriate Systratec GRID card, conforms the perfect solution for the most demanding measurement applications.

Power Flexibility

We’ve designed Systratec CORE power stage to be flexible. Depending on the sensors connected, it is possible to power Systratec CORE with a wide range of CC industrial power supplies or solar panels. Rechargeable LiPO batteries can also be used, alone or in combination with other power sources. Systratec CORE may be powered also by PoE devices, sharing the same UTP cable for data and power. Finally, it is also possible to use USB port provided to feed the system in some applications.


High Performance

High-End measurement context requires a huge amount of complex mathematical processing, together with multiple sensors parallel fast acquisition and simultaneous interface and communications devices management. These tasks are too much for ancient standard microcontrollers. That’s why Systratec CORE includes a state of the art 32bit RISC processor, delivering  225 DMIPS/608 CoreMark performance executing from Flash memory, with 0-wait states. The DSP instructions included inside this processor and the floating-point unit provided, enlarge the range of addressable applications for our customers.

Systratec GRID sensor expansion cards

Systratec CORE has some free Systratec GRID interfaces, designed to connect a various set of Systratec GRID cards. Systratec GRID cards are specially engineered to manage sensors excitation, signal acquisition and signal treatment from extremely accurate devices. For example, find out how we deal with load cells while building our weighing systems, through the Systratec LCGrid card. Systratec GRID family is constantly growing. Ask our team for your special measurement requirements.

Unlimited Connectivity

Systratec CORE provides a wide range of communication interfaces, from the most industrial standard RS232-485 serial ports to ultimate Bluetooth LE, WiFi, Ethernet and USB, making possible to build measurement devices full connected. In this way, Systratec CORE is easily integrated in industrial processes, or can be used to build instruments to store measurement data in the cloud. Besides, communications protocol may be full customizable by Systratec firmware engineers, allowing our customers to replace ancient devices in their networks or industries by Systratec CORE based measurement instruments without any problem. And if connectivity is not required in your application, local data storage is also provided through the use of SD cards.

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