SYSTRATEC LCGrid Electronics

Find out how we understand load cell signal acquisition.


Systratec LCGrid is designed to accurately acquire ultra low voltage signals from a wide range of load cells. This high-end module is prepared to accept from a single load cell to four full load receptors or platform scales, giving the engineer outstanding possibilities while building custom projects. Load cells with four or six cables can be used, connected to four parallel acquisition stages provided, which can be used simultaneously or sequentially, depending on measurement requirements. Factory standard LCGrid is tuned for 2mV/V sensors sensitivity, value that we can adapt easily to fit special needs.


Everything inside Systratec LCGrid is in accordance with our high quality standards. Voltage reference is stable for a wide range of power conditions and environment temperature. Zero-drift precision operational amplifiers take care of sensors ultra low voltage signals, and adapt them to the value required. 24 bit resolution sigma-delta analog to digital converters acquire this signal, providing reliable digital data to the rest of the instrument in which Systratec LCGrid is integrated.

Noise Free

Noise reduction strategies are an important issue while dealing with high precision sensors. Systratec engineers know this very well. That’s why they use ultra low noise operational amplifiers, sigma-delta ADCs, LDOs with negligible noise level and many other components and circuits specially developed for this kind of measurement instruments. PCB layers arrangement and routing strategies are a second layer to reduce noise in Systratec LCGrid. Finally, some metallic noise isolation shields are added, giving Systratec LCGrid a third level of noise protection.

High Speed

Systratec LCGrid can acquire hundreds of samples per second in each acquisition channel. Systratec CORE mainboard firmware sets this flow rate at the most suitable value for each application. High speed data acquisition allows the use of interesting numerical analysing techniques to improve measurement quality. Low speed data acquisition is required while designing green projects, reducing power consumption. It is also helpful when the instrument needs to deal with external slow peripherals or sensors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Systratec LCGrid a full weighing electronics?
No. Systratec LCGrid is a part of our Measurement Electronics System. Systratec LCGrid is an acquisition module dedicated to deal with load cells. It works connected to Systratec CORE mainboard, the heart and brain of our high-end measurement instruments.
May I use Systratec LCGrid with different 2mV/V sensitivity value load cells?
Yes. Our standard LCGrid amplifying stage is hardware fixed, to ensure no drift. It is configured to manage 2mV/V sensitivity load cells together with 5V excitation voltage value. Anyway, we can change Systratec LCGrid gain into a different fixed value to fit your order requirements.
Which is the minimun sensor impedance that I can plug to Systratec LCGrid?
To be in accordance with LCGrid power module, input sensor impedance must be greater than 350 ohms per acquisition channel. This value is easily reached by 99% load cells available in the market.

Would you like more information?

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