Auto|WS Platform Scales

Platform based portable weighing and gravity centre measurement system. Designed for vehicles and light aircraft up to 1000kg per wheel.

Auto|WS is the ideal platform scale weighing system for those who need to accurately measure weight and its distribution in vehicles up to 1000kg per wheel, such as car and motorbike manufacturers, motor racing teams, vehicle modification workshops, etc.

Likewise, its footprint size and range make it an affordable solution for weighing and measuring the centre of gravity of light aircraft during their construction or in maintenance tasks that require it.


The scales or load receptor platforms are manufactured in a machined, seamless, aircraft-grade aluminium monoblock. The choice of material, as well as the elaborate internal structure, ensures rigid behaviour when applying the nominal load on a surface equivalent to the tyre’s footprint, avoiding bending effect and the appearance of non-vertical force components.

The sensors chosen to equip each platform are high-end HBM bending load cells, mounted with height-adjustable feet.

The connectors chosen are of extraordinary quality, made of steel, equipped with self-centering mechanism and automatic locking.


The access ramps are made of aeronautical-grade mechanically-welded aluminium, with high resistance and lightness to facilitate handling during installation tasks.

Their unique shape allows the vehicle to be easily towed over the system. It also has a smooth transition area between the ramp and the load receptor platform that ensures the best application of the weight on the platform and results in a longer life for the whole system.

In a wireless configuration, they house the acquisition and processing electronics of their associated platform.

Two configurations depending on your needs and preferences: wireless or wired.


We include a Systratec CORE measurement electronics and a Systratec LCGRID acquisition module inside each access ramp, which processes the signals from the HBM load cells of its associated platform to accurately measure the weight and the reaction point on the platform. A rechargeable LiFePO4 battery is also installed on each ramp to provide more than eight hours of continuous operation. All the data measured by the set of platforms are transmitted via WiFi or Bluetooth LE in real time to a display case for the operator.


In this configuration the ramps do not contain electronics, and the signals from the HBM load cells are carried by cable to an operator’s suitcase containing Systratec CORE processing electronics with as many Systratec LCGRID acquisition modules as platforms the system has.

The operator can command the whole system from this autonomous rechargeable case, as well as visualize and print out the results of the measurements in real time.


The system is remotely controlled from a control and display case.

In a wired configuration, the individual signals from all the load cells in the system are fed into the case for acquisition and processing by the Systratec CORE + Systratec LCGRID electronics housed inside.

In a wireless configuration, the case is connected bidirectionally via Bluetooth LE to the platform electronics to receive all data and measurements in real time.

The case is equipped with a TFT colour touch screen for clear and easy operation of the system. It also has a thermal printer to obtain a printed copy of the weight and exact load position data on each connected platform.

The rechargeable LiFePO4 technology battery housed inside the case provides more than 8 hours of continuous operation.


The Auto|WS platform scales benefit extraordinarily from the advanced signal processing inherent in all our instruments equipped with Systratec CORE + Systratec LCGRID electronics.

We continuously monitor the signal coming from each load cell, amplifying it by means of operational zero drift instrument amplifiers and subsequently attacking the acquisition stage by means of noise-free 24-bit sigma-delta converters. The already digitised signal is treated by DSP algorithms and evaluated in its quality to be later converted to weight values applying the multipoint calibration parameters stored in the system.

The individual and simultaneous access to each load cell is the beginning of our exclusive centre of gravity calculation algorithm, which allows to know in X and Y coordinates the exact position of the load on the platform with millimetric precision.

The combination of these unique SYSTRATEC technologies ensures that every weight value and XY position of the load delivered by the system corresponds to a perfect measurement.


The Auto|WS weighing system incorporates the following technologies exclusive to SYSTRATEC:


The choice of material and the elaborate interior structure eliminate the bending effect so common in other platform systems by applying the nominal load on a surface equivalent to the tyre’s footprint. This improves the linearity of the instrument and the accuracy of the measurements.


Intelligent firmware routine to help the user to reproduce the mechanical conditions of the calibration laboratory every time the platform is installed for weighing. Visual indications through the control case for the adjustment procedure of the support feet, increasing the precision of the measurements.


Intelligent firmware algorithm that continuously checks the signals received from each of the four sensors available per platform This unique feature detects abnormal signal variations in real time, identifying and indicating possible sensor failure when the load is on the platform.


Continuous firmware process that detects sensor short circuit or open circuit failure conditions, also identifying the sensor in question and avoiding taking inaccurate measurements with the instrument.


Separate amplification and acquisition stages for each load cell, with operational zero drift instrumentation amplifiers and 24-bit noise immune sigma-delta converters. Fully customisable communications protocol via WiFi, Bluetooth® and/or serial interface for easy industrial integration and/or remote control.


Every time the platform is switched on, this exclusive firmware routine checks some parameters and compares them with the original values stored during calibration in our laboratory, detecting possible deviations that could affect the accuracy of the measurements.


This firmware routine continuously monitors for possible saturation or an undesirable traction condition of the sensor due, for example, to mechanical locking of the platform by external objects, tools or accessories. It also identifies the sensor in question, facilitating early corrective maintenance.


HBM high-end OIML-certified stainless steel load cells for harsh environments, manufactured in Europe under the strictest quality standards, guaranteeing perfect performance throughout the life of the instrument.


We manufacture our Auto|WS platform weighing system with the standard dimensions shown in the figure. In special cases we can manufacture the system to the vehicle, if necessary.

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