Embedded system for weighing and calculation of centre of gravity in weighing hangar or FAL

Case Study

Embedded systems for weighing and measuring aeronautical balance are the most suitable option for manufacturers and large fleet maintainers who have a specific hangar for weighing operations or who carry out this operation at a fixed station in the aircraft assembly process.

The main advantage of these systems is their accuracy, capable of surpassing the best portable platform. They can also be equipped with nose gear lifting systems for testing at different pitch angles and advanced integrations can be made with the customer’s IT infrastructure to fully automate the weighing cycle.

At SYSTRATEC we manufacture these systems completely tailored to the customer’s requirements, both in terms of dimensions and in terms of the number of scales or range of each scale. We also provide the necessary documentation and advice for their installation, in collaboration with the building maintenance company chosen by our clients. The SYSTRATEC team supervises the installation, integration and handover of the system on site, continuously accompanying all the teams involved from the very beginning of the project.

An example of such a system is presented below, designed to be installed on the Final Assembly Line of Airbus Military’s A400M aircraft:

The Challenge

  • To measure aircraft weight and gravity center X coordinate in percentage of the Mean Aerodynamic Chord, in a full controlled weighing cycle, in less than 30mn per cycle.
  • To ensure a maximum weight error of 100kg for a 150 000kg aircraft total weight, and a maximum error of 14mm for X COG coordinate measurement for a 45 meters nose to tail aircraft.
  • To provide reliable industrial system interface to Final Assembly Lane external computer aided test system, to share measurement results, manage traceability, and to allow full remote control and weighing procedure quality auditory.

The Solution

  • Seven Systratec REFERENCE platform scales, with a range of 30 000kg each, custom made to fit aircraft footprint in every configuration, equipped with High-End HBM Class III load cells controlled by seven Systratec CORE electronics with custom firmware and the required Systratec LCGrid expansion modules.
  • Full automated lifting machine under nose landing gear platform, with its sensors and actuators managed by one Systratec CORE electronics, working together with a Systratec CORE based WiFi inclinometer, installed on the aircraft, to measure its pitch angle with 0.005º resolution.
  • One Weighing Auxiliary Industrial Mean central cabinet to control the whole system, show and share the results, and able to accept remote commanding from external Computer Aided Tests Systems.

High-End aeronautical systems require same level documentation, tools and after sale services.

Detailed Weighing Procedure

Developed to ensure measurement process repeatability, traceability and Quality Department control.

Detailed Mechanical Maintenance Procedure

Yearly based preventive maintenance policy to ensure uninterrupted service during complete aircraft program.

Detailed Metrological Maintenance Policy

Detailed adjustment procedure and metrological essays set, extracted from OIML recommendations, to ensure system accuracy during aircraft program.

Long term Spare Parts Policy

Responsible spare parts policy to ensure its availability during the whole program.

Custom Manufactured Control Tools

Two and five tons Systratec REFERENCE Dead Weights manufactured to fit perfectly your system during its maintenance, year by year.





The Result

In comparison with the ancient on-jack weighing and gravity center calculation method, with Systratec ground system you will obtain:


Accuracy improvements

No jack position error. No jack levelling error. No manual adjustment required during weighing cycle. No aircraft structure jack reaction efforts.

Dynamic aircraft pitch adjustment during tests for special purposes.

Aircraft pitch angle full remote control during the full cycle, allowing the team to perform many different tests to measure ground reactions safely.

Repeatability improvements

Exactly same measurement conditions every time. Measurement taken always at the same time and after the same settling time.

Work Safety Conditions Improvements

No people required around the aircraft during measurement cycle. Easy aircraft towing to and from the system. No suspended loads.

Measurement Uncertainty Reduction

Aircraft stands static on landing gear in the configuration desired, with no external effort on its structure, during the whole measurement time. Aircraft landing gear suspension under controlled steady status.

Weighing cycle time reduction

The system is always ready to be used. There is nothing to install and nothing to uninstall. Just tow de aircraft and take the measurement.

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